Westpac move to Barangaroo

Sound conditioning maximises productivity

Westpac’s new office space at Barangaroo is not only the most advanced agile workplace in Australia, it also utilizes the most sophisticated sound conditioning technology contributing to its 6 Greenstar award.

Sound Conditioning is an active acoustic system which manages ambient sound levels throughout the workspace to increase Acoustic Comfort, Speech Privacy and the overall Productivity of the occupants.


In most open-plan office space team collaboration or phone activity is difficult for those not involved as their concentration is interrupted. In overly quiet workspace when workers are interrupted, refocus can take up to 15 minutes.  Productivity is seriously impacted. Low ambient sound level also increases the intelligibility of speech and the conversation not only interrupts it is also less private as each word is clearly understood.


As co-workers collaborate the ambient sound level automatically increases to ‘mask’ their conversation from others in solo focus. Less of the conversation is overheard and interruption is dramatically decreased increasing productivity.  As Speech Intelligibility is decreased, conversations become more private. Acoustic Comfort is increased as each worker realizes they cannot overhear other conversations easily they relax in the knowledge their own conversation is not being overheard.

45dB Systems provide tailored sound conditioning solutions to make business more productive, private and acoustically comfortable.