Increase Your Melbourne Office Productivity Through 45dB Systems Sound and Noise Reduction

When you are trying to run a successful business, employee productivity is critical. If your work force isn’t getting work done in a timely, high-level fashion, your company is going to suffer the consequences. Yet, excellent company …read more.

Unobtrusive Office Sound and Open Office Noise Reduction in Sydney

Today’s offices have many distractions, and the more people there are who use the office, the louder and more distracting it can be. With a Sydney office noise reduction system from 45dB Systems, you can avoid noisy distractions and focus on …read more.

Replace Your Outdated Pink Noise System in Your Melbourne or Sydney Office Space

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Melbourne Sound Masking by 45dB Systems: Soundmasking for a Modern World

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Sound Masking by 45dB Systems: Sydney Sound Masking Professionals

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Affordable and Effective Sound Masking System

45dB Systems offers the most state of the art technology and design when it comes to soundmasking. Not only do we provide services to offices that are already standing, but we consult with architects, interior designers, and acoustic …read more.

Why You Should Consider Installing a Melbourne Sound Masking System with Speakers

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Everything You Need to Know about Office Sound Masking in Melbourne

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The Benefits of Office Sound Masking in Sydney

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How a Sydney Sound Masking Machine with Speakers Can Benefit Your Business

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