Unobtrusive Office Sound and Open Office Noise Reduction in Sydney

Today’s offices have many distractions, and the more people there are who use the office, the louder and more distracting it can be. With a Sydney office noise reduction system from 45dB Systems, you can avoid noisy distractions and focus on your work.

Co-workers like to chat while they’re working, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, your employees probably do not want their conversations with each other overheard by unconcerned parties. Additionally, others want to perform their duties without having to hear what their colleagues gossip. Office sound reduction in Sydney is important for efficiency in your building.

Our system is elegant in its simplicity. Strategically placed speakers emit a barely noticeable background noise that masks conversations, making them harder to hear from a distance. It’s a bit like using noise-cancelling headphones, except it’s office-wide, and you don’t need to wear anything. A master control can easily regulate the volume of the sounds, and individuals can also adjust the speakers close to them. This system is the perfect way to achieve office noise reduction in Sydney.

When we say the noise is unobtrusive, we mean it. Generally speaking, our Sydney office sound reduction system is no louder than an air-conditioner, but it is highly effective nonetheless.

The Benefits of Sydney Office Noise Reduction

In addition to adding privacy to your employee’s conversations, especially in open offices, our system has several other advantages. First, office sound reduction in Sydney provides more privacy for your clients. Most clients don’t want to share their information with the rest of your workplace, and our sound masking equipment can provide the privacy they demand.

The second benefit is a decrease in construction costs. When a builder constructs an office building, they must think about how high the walls will go, and if they want to reduce the amount of ambient sounds, the walls need to go all the way up through the ceiling. However, that can be expensive. By installing an office noise reduction system in your Sydney office, the contractor does not have to build the walls as high to achieve the same sound dampening effect.

The final advantage is the system is automation. With one of these Sydney office sound reduction systems installed in your building, you can always rest assured that background levels will always be right where they need to be for maximum efficiency because it automatically adjusts to office sounds as needed. Of course, if you prefer, you can also adjust the volume manually.

Say Goodbye to Slab to Slab Partitions

Open offices are becoming popular because of the sense of community they generate among colleagues. However, they come with one significant problem: they can get too loud. Office sound reduction in Sydney from 45dB Systems solves that problem.

When you are looking for Sydney office sound reduction, contact 45dB Systems. We have what it takes to bring sound conditioning to your building. Give us a call today and speak to one of our knowledgeable staff members.