Replace Your Outdated Pink Noise System in Your Melbourne or Sydney Office Space

Pink noise – or, white noise – systems have been around for years, focusing on unwanted sound reduction in open-plan office spaces. However, up until now, these systems have been of the one-size-fits-all variety. No two office layouts are the same and yet, most of these noise reduction systems are. Instead of having a custom-fitted system based on the size and layout of your office, you have likely had to settle for outdated equipment that isn’t getting you the results that it should.

Now, there is a much better pink noise masking option for your Sydney or Melbourne office space. 45db Systems creates custom-built sound masking systems that reduce noise with much higher success than your outdated pink noise systems. Better technology leads to increased productivity, confidentiality, and comfort for you and your employees.

Sound Masking Has Evolved

Chances are, your office in Melbourne already has a pink noise system, so you clearly understand what you want from sound reduction in your office. However, you may not realise that these new, state-of-the-art sound masking systems exist. Also known as sound conditioning, these systems can adjust the masking sound levels based on how much ambient noise is currently going on around your work space. In other words, as distracting noise increases, so does the sound masking, ensuring privacy and comfort no matter how loud the office gets. It adapts in real time in the same way that air conditioning adapts to compensate for increases or decreases in room temperature. Hence the term: sound conditioning.

In Melbourne or Sydney, your old pink noise systems aren’t going to give you that type of adaptive technology, and that is why they are quickly becoming ancient history, especially in the United States. In the U.S., this sound masking tech is a default fit-out in many offices. While it’s not the standard in Australia yet, it is a system that is certainly worth considering if you’re in Sydney or Melbourne.

Custom-Fit, Not One-Size-Fits-All

Your old white noise (pink noise) systems aren’t designed or calibrated for your office. They are designed for any office no matter what the size. While some might view this as a positive, it is really a negative. You are spending hard-earned money on technology that isn’t designed for your specific office space and, therefore, isn’t doing the job as well as it should. These new sound masking systems are precisely calibrated based on your room layout and the noise that you want to reduce. They offer the adaptive volume adjustment that ensures an excellent noise balance for increased privacy. These custom-fit systems allow you to get the sound reduction you need no matter your office’s noise situation, and they lead to much more positive results than a solution such as noise-cancelling headphones for your employees. While these headphones do help block out sound, they are proven to decrease productivity, unlike sound conditioning.

For more information on replacing your pink noise system in Melbourne with a sound conditioning system, call 45dB Systems directly on 1 300 494 791.