Sound Conditioning Equipment

45dB Systems are highly advanced technologies. The unique, patented benefits of automatic narrow band calibration and realtime adaptive adjustment from our manufacturers SoftdB are default choice for todays agile commercial workplace.

Networked Smart Sound Masking System, wirelessy calibrated from the point of hearing in the workplace. Any spectrum from 80 to 8K delivered as input.
Flexibility, simplicity and unrivaled sound masking quality
The smartSMS-NET sound masking system allows to implement advanced sound masking systems thanks to its network structure and broad range of controllers. The system flexibility makes it cost-efficient for small simple systems as well as large and advanced sound masking systems.

Each smartSMS-NET controller provides:
• Up to 8 output channels per controller
• Up to 30 speaker per output channel
• Independent equalizer for each output channel
• 340 narrow bands automatic equalizer
• 1/3rd octave bands automatic or manual equalizer
• High-power amplifier providing 88 dBA at 1m
• Up to 8 inputs for active volume control sensors
• Up to 4 music and paging inputs with independent 1/3rd octave equalizers for each output channel
• 2 inputs for wall mounted volume control knobs
The smartSMS-NET sound masking system includes Soft dB’s exclusive features that improves the quality of sound masking technology and is the reference in the industry:
• Adaptive volume adjustment for optimal efficiency and comfort (US Patent 8116 461)
• Automatic equalization that guarantees the optimum sound masking spectra (US Patent 7460675)

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