Melbourne Sound Masking by 45dB Systems: Soundmasking for a Modern World

Businesses have long known that distraction is the enemy of productivity. One of the primary causes of workplace distraction is noise, mainly the noise from speech. Even with noise-deadening ceiling tiles and cubicle walls, speech is easily picked up by the human ear. The rise and fall of normal intonation makes it stand out against the more monotonous background of typing, doors closing, and other types of sounds. Previous solutions to this problem included the use of constant “white noise” such as that provided by air conditioners or fans. While effective to a degree, this approach was not ideal as the output could not change according to the noise level or type of noise. Thankfully, modern technology from 45dB Systems has entered the field of acoustic management, and your business in Melbourne can use sound masking – or, as we prefer to call it, sound conditioning – to increase productivity more than ever before.

Soundmasking in Melbourne: Adaptive Technology at Its Best

Imagine a system that listens to your environment and adapts to your needs without the need for manual control. 45dB Systems is the premier provider of workplace acoustic management systems. With the ability to change output as the ambient noise level rises and falls, and capacity to be scalable with individual zones of control, soundmasking in Melbourne has never been better. Our systems can cover everything from a small area to many localised zones on several floors. How are they adaptive? With the normal ebb and flow of conversation and noises from the movement of chairs, drawers, and machines like copiers, background noise in an open office space is never constant.

An empty office at night obviously requires no background noise at all. Much like an air conditioning system adjusts to changing temperatures, the right sound masking system in Melbourne from 45dB Systems senses acoustic changes in both volume and type of noise and adjusts the level of supplied noise (formerly called “white noise”) accordingly. All of this happens automatically, without the need for manual adjustment, and saves money by only using as much power as required. A timed sleep mode for nights and weekends can also ensure cost savings.

Workplace Acoustics and Energy Savings

Businesses in Melbourne that use soundmasking in their buildings with acoustic ceiling tiles have the freedom to create the feel of individual offices using movable partitions that you can reconfigure as needed. Our SoftdB sound conditioning system will then adapt to the new layout. LEED-certified and Green Star buildings often require sound masking due to the lack of ambient noise from energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. As such, SoftdB products can earn LEED points for sound quality and privacy as well as energy savings, and Green Star points for acoustic innovation and comfort.

45dB Systems can show you how state-of-the-art workplace acoustic management can help your company. We’ve worked with top businesses across the country and are ready to bring the latest in technology to your place of work.