Sound Masking by 45dB Systems: Sydney Sound Masking Professionals

What exactly is sound masking? Sydney businesses have certainly heard this term, which is an evolution of “white noise” or “pink noise.” Technology has come a very long way from when “white noise” was popular, and now the preferred industry term is “sound conditioning.” “Sound conditioning” better describes the actual process of creating a better, more adaptive acoustic environment for your work space, although the term sound masking is still in use. Sydney sound masking products offered by 45dB Systems do so much more than masking – they actively assess and condition ambient sound in real-time. This adaptive type of setup is key to ensuring productivity and focus in the workplace. Businesses in the United States routinely make sound conditioning part of the fit-out of new office spaces.

Sydney Soundmasking: Better Focus, Better Workplace

Every company knows that improving productivity is essential to growth. Reducing distraction with acoustic environmental control means that employees can focus better and get more done. Speech remains private and cannot be clearly heard outside of the immediate area, making workers feel more secure and confident that people aren’t overhearing their conversations. Sydney soundmasking products by 45dB Systems use state-of-the-art technology to manage background noise.

We don’t just muffle sound. Our systems actively create background noise, similar to the sound of an air conditioner, that keeps local conversation unintelligible and therefore less distracting. Just like an air conditioner senses the temperature and kicks in when needed, 45dB Systems equipment creates a background field that rises and falls as necessary. You can set up multiple zones in the same floor plan, making for an incredibly responsive system. This flexibility can extend over large areas or even over multiple floors of the same building. Everything is monitored using our intuitive software, and can also integrate with a Crestron building management system. More local control of individual areas is also possible with our Android app.

LEED Points and Green Star

A system of soundmasking in your Sydney business can earn LEED points for sound quality and privacy as well as energy savings. Sound conditioning from 45dB Systems has a sleep mode that reduces power consumption to zero, making it more cost-effective than a system that runs continuously. The adaptive nature of our SoftdB brand sound conditioning also reduces energy use as the output varies according to ambient noise and interior architecture. Previous generations of sound masking equipment were always on at the same level and did not adapt on their own to changes in ambient noise.

Green Star buildings that use nearly silent chilled beam air conditioning must use sound conditioning to meet AS2107 requirements for acoustics and can also earn Green Star points for additional acoustic comfort and innovation.

You can find sound conditioning fit-outs by 45dB Systems in many of the top building projects in Sydney. Soundmasking systems by us are in use in Barangaroo and Commonwealth Bank Darling Square, to name a few. 45dB systems is proud to be the industry leader in workplace acoustics.