Affordable and Effective Sound Masking System

45dB Systems offers the most state of the art technology and design when it comes to soundmasking. Not only do we provide services to offices that are already standing, but we consult with architects, interior designers, and acoustic consultants as well. We know all there is to know about effective and efficient sound masking design.

Architects and builders prefer our products because they help reduce building costs while benefitting the overall acoustics of the building. Why build walls and partitions slab to slab when you can install a sound masking system that will do the more effectively?

Conversations can carry a fair distance, especially in a quiet office building. This noise can lead to distractions and decreased productivity. It can also result in people overhearing information they should not know, making our sound conditioning equipment essential for any modern-day office.

Become AS2107 Compliant with Sound Masking

Our system is no louder than an air-conditioning unit, making it nearly unnoticeable. However, if your building does not meet the standards for noise reduction set forth by AS2107, our soundmasking technology overcomes this obstacle with ease.

If you question why you need this technology, especially if you operate a building that already meets AS2107 standards, think of it like this: You would not build a building without air conditioning, so why should you forego a sound masking system?

Air conditioning keeps your employees and clients cool, no matter what the temperature outside is, creating a comfortable space. Sound conditioning is similar in the sense that it allows your workers to speak without fear of accidental eavesdropping, and it increases security. Soundmasking helps your clients communicate only to those who need to hear. In today’s world, protecting sensitive information is of prime importance.

In addition to keeping conversations private, our technology also increases the acoustic capability of your office. Acoustics are important to clear communication, especially in a crowded room. Desks, walls, chairs, buzzing lights, and more can all interfere with your ability to discern what people are saying. On the surface, this is nice because it means your conversations are less likely to be overheard. In practice, however, all that loud background noise just makes people want to talk louder.

With soundmasking you can decrease the amount of senseless ambient noise, and gain the ability to have more intimate conversations that don’t require shouting. Your office visitors, as well as your phone clientele, will greatly appreciate this aspect of our technology.

Create a More Productive Workplace

If you want to limit noise distractions in your office, sound conditioning is the technology you want. During set-up, we locate the most effective places in your office for maximum value. Your new system won’t do you any good in areas that produce little noise. Our technology is positioned in the noisiest areas of your office because those are the areas that need them most.

When you need sound masking installed in your office building, call 45dB Systems. We have been reducing noise in office buildings for years.