How a Sydney Sound Masking Machine with Speakers Can Benefit Your Business

In Sydney and across Australia, entrepreneurs and business owners are becoming increasingly aware of the need to control the acoustics in the workplace. Most people prefer open place offices that promote productivity and collaboration rather than cubicles that have been proven to increase stress levels and make workers complete tasks inefficiently. However, it’s more challenging to control the noise levels in an open plan environment that it is with ugly partitions and walls – that is, until now.

Some companies can provide you with a technologically advanced Sydney sound masking system that monitors and controls the noise in your office. Instead of using walls, partitions, and other barriers to control the sound, the latest systems create a sound that is almost undetectable, and it works to limit what people can hear in other areas of the workplace. This extra privacy coupled with the lack of distractions from other employees can work wonders for your business, and you’ll soon see productivity increase exponentially after the installation.

At 45dB, we know how important it is to keep workers focused on their tasks at all times, especially in this ever increasingly competitive world of business. To help you boost productivity, we’ve developed a patented Sydney sound masking machine that calibrates the acoustics inside your workplace perfectly. No longer do you need to install ugly and flimsy partitions to help employees remain focused because our system can do the job instead, leaving you with a workplace that’s appealing to both workers and clients without distractions caused by internal noise.

More Information about Our Sydney Sound Masking Speakers

Even though our system is primarily designed to mask sounds, we prefer to call it a sound ‘conditioning’ technology. It works by emitting sounds from speakers placed around your workplace strategically as to ensure employees can only hear what they need to hear. If you need to create a private area for phone calls and conversations about sensitive information, we can adjust the speakers accordingly. Alternatively, if you need an area that lets people discuss ideas without the distractions of noisy office equipment, our speakers will ensure that discussions will be clearer, and meetings a much more pleasant experience.

We know that you have little time to focus on creating ideal acoustics in your office, which is why our system works automatically. Just as an air conditioner automatically adjusts to maintain the desired temperature indoors regardless of how the temperature outside changes, our machine recalibrates itself with no required input from you based on the sound level changes. Now, you’ll never have to worry about your employees getting distracted by loud internal noises again, and we guarantee to install our speakers quickly as to cause the minimum amount of disruption to your busy schedule.

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At 45dB, our professionals can visit your premises at a time that suits you before taking measurements, surveying the area, and providing a quote. All our prices are transparent with no hidden charges, and we have a range of payment options available. If you want to boost workplace productivity, contact us today. We’d be delighted to explain further how our products can help you.