Sound Conditioning

the new sound masking

State-of-the-art Sound Conditioning System

SoftdB’s adaptive sound masking systems
are designed to provide the best masking sound possible while preserving the comfort of the occupants. The precise adjustment of the masking spectra to the specific characteristics and noise conditions of each work area and automatic volume adjustment is what distinguishes this system from traditional masking systems.

Sound masking has become Sound Conditioning

Automatic Equalisation Process
A 340 narrow band equalisation (instead of the usual 20 1/3 octave bands) ensures the production of a uniquely smooth, regular and comfortable sound masking, irrespective of the acoustical characteristics of the work space (Patent US 7460675 B2).

Sound Conditioning calibration
Automatic narrow band equalisation ensures the most accurate calibration possible from the point of hearing in the workspace

Real-Time Adaptive Adjustment of the masking sound level continuously adjusts the masking sound level based on ambient noise measurement. As audible human activity increases the system automatically increases the masking level to shield conversation from those not involved. When activity declines, so too does the masking to a lower level.  (Patent US 8116 461 B2). The process has been compared to the way modern air conditioning automatically adjusts to compensate for increases and decreases in temperature earning the name sound conditioning.

Realtime adaptive adjustment
Realtime automatic masking level adjustment provides optimal masking sound levels in line with activity in the workspace.